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Записати слова у словник стор. 40, вивчити їх.  

Впр. 2, стор. 40 - 41, прочитати оголошення, перекласти 2 з них письмово. 
Впр. 3, стор. 42 письмово у вигляді тестів.

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Завдання на 02.11.2021
Сьогодні у вас контрольна робота.

PEOPLE AND RELATIONSHIP                                       


Variant I

I. Match the words with their translations.

               1)  to argue                                        a)  ревнивий

               2)  affectionate                                  b)  енергійний

               3)  jealous                                          c)  терплячий

            4)  energetic                                     d)  що легко піддається                                                                              змінам настрою

               5)  patient                                           e)  сперечатися

               6)  moody                                           f)  люблячий

II. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct word.

Don’t you know Mary? 1. She’s a very outgoing, sociable / shy sort of person who seems to know hundreds of people. 2. She’s very cheerful / stubborn – you know, the sort of person who is always laughing. 3. But she can be a bit disorganized / reliable. She once lost everybody’s cinema tickets and we all had to pay again! 4. Mary loves meeting people and chatting on the phone. She’s very talkative/ selfish. 5. She gets good grades and she can cook, light fires and put up the tent! She’s much more hard-working / lazy then her sister. 6. But her little brother doesn’t like talking to people and he cries a lot. He’s very honest / shy.

III. Complete the sentences with the correct form of “used to” and the verb in brackets.

1. When I was a boy we lived in a village. We … (to like) it there. 2. Traditions of our country … (to be) different from the way they are now. 3. I … (not/to watch) the news, but now I watch it every day. 4. They … (to spend) their weekends in the countryside. They don’t any more. 5. Mom, … (to help) your mother about the house? 6. My sister … (to play) the piano, but now she doesn’t.

IV. You want to find an English speaking pen friend. To join a club in Scotland, which introduces pen friends, write a short description of yourself.


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Завдання на 28.10.2021
Прочитати текст впр. 4, стор. 37-38, перекласти його усно. Написати характеристику двох сестер.

Добрий день, діти .

 Завдання на 26.10.2021
Впр.1,2, стор.36 письмово.
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 Завдання на 06.05.2021
Сьогодні у нас контрольна робота

1.Напишіть слова англійською

























2.Утворіть словосполучення

Column A


Column B


Protection of






human rights














3.Оберіть правильний варіант

1. (To feel) sick, girl left the party.

a) feeling

b) having felt

c) being felt

2. (To study) hard, Ann passed the exam successfully.

a) having studied

b) studied

c) being studied

3. (To steal) one year ago, her favourite earrings were found at last.

a) being stolen

b) stolen

c) having been stolen

4. (To impress) by the beauty of the picture, visitor bought it at once.

a) impressed

b) being impressed

c) having been impressed

5. (To tell) to do the homework, Liza switched off the TV-set.

a) being told

b) told

c) having been told


4. Оберіть правильний варіант

1)    We can’t afford (to buy/buying) a yacht.

2)    He agreed (to pay/paying) the bill.

3)    The boy accused the teacher of (to be/being) rude.

4)    The girl apologized for (to be/being) late.

5)    She appeared (to be/being) the smartest in our team.


Добрий день, діти .

 Завдання на 27.04.2021

Записати слова у словник, вивчити їх, стор. 237.

Вправи 1, стор.241виконати письмово.

Добрий день, діти .

 Завдання на 22.04.2021
Записати слова у словник, вивчити їх, стор. 235.

Вправи 1, стор.235 виконати письмово.

  Добрий день, діти .

 Завдання на 20.04.2021
Записати слова у словник, вивчити їх, стор. 230.
Прочитати, перекласти текст впр.5, стор.230-231.
Вправи 6, стор.231 виконати письмово.

Добрий день, діти .

 Завдання на 14.04.2021

Записати слова у словник, вивчити їх, стор. 230.
Прочитати, перекласти текст впр.2, стор.228-229.
Вправи 3,4, стор.229-230 виконати письмово.

Добрий день, діти .

Завдання на 12.04.2021
Сьогодні у нас контрольна робота.

I. Vocabulary 

Match the following words with their definitions   

1career                                  a) a person who works for somebody

2)  possibility                      b)  a job or profession that you have been trained for, and which you do for a long period of your life

3) opportunity                  c)  a chance that something may happen or to be true

4)  job                                d)  money that you receive as payment from the organization you work for, usually paid to you every month

5) occasion                         e) when you stop working, usually because of your age

6)  work                              f)  an event or  a time when something happens

7)   pay                                   g) a possibility of doing something , or a situation which gives you  the possibility  of doing something

8) salary                           h)  used to talk about particular type of work  activity which you do

9)  retirement                   i)  something you do to earn money

10)  employee                          j)  money that you are given for doing your job


II. Grammar


Fill in the gaps with the appropriate form of the verb in brackets.

  1. My team (win / only) _____________________ two matches so far.
  2. Are we not there yet? We (walk) _____________ for hours.
  3. I (finish/just) _______________ my homework.
  4. How long (wait / you) _____________ for us?
  5. When I arrived at the theater, my friend (pick, already) _______________ up the tickets.
  6. We (watch) ____________ the play when the lights went off.
  7. When she went out to play, she (do / already)_____________ her homework.
  8. By the time he finally arrived, I (wait)____________ for over an hour.
  9. By 9 o'clock, we (finish)______________ our homework.
  10. By the end of the month I (live)____________ in this town for ten years.

III. Reading  (20 points)

Read the following text and complete the gaps with words from the table.

            A (1) _________ year is time out (2)__________ between life (3) _______. It is also known as (4) ___________, referring to a period of time in which people (5) ___________from curricular (6) _____________ and/or work and undertake (7) _________ such as traveling, (8) ______________ or working abroad.

            During this gap-year, students engage in (8) ___________ and non-academic courses, (9) __________studies, volunteer work, travel, internships, (10)__________and more, all for the purpose of improving themselves and their (11) _________ before going to college.

Stages, gap, to travel, volunteering, activities, sport, time off, disengage (звільнятися), language, education, extra-academic, resumes.    


IV. Writing

 Choose one of the topic and explain it.

  1. My future profession
  2. My attitude to a gap year
  3. The main reasons to study abroad.     


Добрий день, діти .
Завдання на 01.03.2021
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Стор.213, записати слова у словник, вивчити їх.
Записати текст, вставивши пропущені слова. Вправа 1, стор.219.

Добрий день, діти .
Завдання на 25.03.2021
Впр. 2, стор. 204 в підручнику. Прочитати тексти, виконати завдання перед текстом письмово.
Впр.3, стор.206, письмово.

Добрий день, діти!

Завдання на 09.02.2021

Вправа  2a, стор.146-149 прочитати текст, перекласти його усно.

Вправа 2b, стор. 149 письмово.

Добрий день, діти!

Завдання на 21.01.2021

Вправа  2,3, стор.127-127 письмово .

Добрий день, діти!

Завдання на 19.01.2021

Вправа  2,3,4, стор.125-126 письмово .

Добрий день, діти!

Завдання на 14.01.2021

 Вправа 1,стор. 124, прочитати текст.

Вправа 2, 3,4, письмово .

 Добрий день, діти!

Завдання на 12.01.2021

Записати слова у словник стор.122, вивчити їх.

Вправа 2, с.121, письмово списати увесь текст, вставляючи пропущені слова.

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